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We at Affordable Tree Service want to help as many people as we can with their tree needs! Trees are important, they provide oxygen for everyone. They also improve air quality and are a huge support to wildlife, not to mention that here in North Dakota they are a great wind barrier and a source of privacy. Did you know that one maturely grown tree can support up to 4 people with oxygen? They certainly do a lot more than look pretty! Many people value their trees.

That is why we want to help, whether it’s as simple as a question about a disease or cutting down a big tree we are here to provide our services.  With having over 20+ years of experience in tree care we certainly feel qualified and confident that your tree needs can be solved by us. Before deciding to cut a tree down or even just trimming one by yourself it may be best to call a professional, at the very least ask for advice on how to properly do it.

Our Roots

Affordable Tree Service was founded by Mike Hermanson who after many years of tree work experience, Mike decided to create Affordable Tree Service. Since then we have been based in North Dakota and have worked all around the state, even caring for trees in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Our tree service crew since the beginning has been operated by family and friends.


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There’s a reason we have Affordable in our name

Affordable Tree Service is the best-qualified tree service Stark County has to offer for your tree care needs. We provide Tree removal, Tree pruning, tree care and many other tree services to Dickinson and the surrounding areas. Rest assured we are qualified and prepared to do the job. If you are searching for a tree service company that is affordable, professional tree service, experienced and equipped, please look no further. We are that company and we would love the opportunity to help you with all of your tree related needs. Give us a call or send us an email at