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Deep Root Tree Feeding

The Dickinson area and surrounding towns do not have an abundance of rich soils and 2-6 inches of topsoil hauled into a landscaped environment does not provide enough nutrients for vigorous, healthy trees at all. Examples: Trees showing not enough fertility have poor color, slow growth, freeze damage, spindly growth in the crown of the tree, increased insect activity(bores, aphids, etc. Also, it may have an increase of diseases, especially needle blight on evergreens and canker on deciduous trees. All these things create a high death rate for young trees.


Affordable tree service injects, under pressure, the proper amount of fertilizer onto the root zone of the trees and ornamentals. We use only high quality, low salt and slow release fertilizer.One feeding will feed for an entire year. We use a complete fertilizer plus an iron/sulfur supplement.

We recommend fertilizing every year to complete the following:

  • Increased growth of young trees and shrubs
  • increased winter hardiness and longevity
  • improved color and density of canopy
  • builds a hardier plant to resist and overcome disease and insects
  • increases the livability of young plants less than ten years old

The best time to fertilize is late fall after the leaves have ceased to function and in early spring.We recommend fertilizing every other year. The larger mature, healthy trees and shrubs where growth is not desired, can be root feed to improve color and density of canopy and build a hardier plant to resist and overcome disease and insects. Unthrifty mature trees and shrubs should be fertilized every year.

Fertilizing trees and shrubs during the mid part of the growing season is recommended only for those plants that are in an unthrifty condition.

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